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At Pitchgarden, our Mission is to Shorten the Play-By-Ear Learning Curve for Learners Worldwide and Enable this Journey to be a Faster, Smoother and More Enjoyable one.

Ear-Trainer Tool: https://pitchgarden.com/ear-trainer

How Pitchgarden started

My name is zlliu, and I am an information systems student from Singapore (I study coding and stuff) with some free time and a passion for piano and playing by ear. I had initially created this application for some of my friends to help them with ear-training, and also because I wanted to build something for fun.

After a while, I figured - why not share this with more people, gather more feedback and make this even better? I launched a crappy version of Pitchgarden and asked for feedback online - I was surprised to receive quite a bit of constructive feedback, which did allow me to improve on Pitchgarden and take it a step further.

As such, I am truly excited to invite you onboard to Pitchgarden!